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Addressing the Challenge

The Basis of our Institute

In a time when government solutions are fervently proposed to meet every need, our institute offers a philosophical and practical alternative based on individual initiative, community involvement, individual freedom and values. When individual freedom leads to the good, our community benefits. That is why we are intentional in our desire to build a free and virtuous society that understands and respects individual liberty and takes seriously the virtues.

Through the dissemination of literature, training, workshops, model projects, and educational conferences the Freedom & Virtue Institute bridges the gap between thinkers and doers, leading to the development of local networks of “activists for freedom.” True to our belief in human dignity, we emphasize in the communication of values, the strengthening of families and other authoritative communities, and in active involvement in the lives of the poor.

The lack of a systematic approach to solve social problems moves us to offer a set of foundational principles that can lead us into effective action and bring closer the realm of ideas to the realm of action in ways that are practical, while remaining intellectually rewarding. The solutions we offer are characterized by five components:

a. Simplicity. By rejecting comprehensive solutions we bring humility and realism to the work of poverty alleviation and offer space for individual moral self-realization’

b. Practicality. Efforts must be targeted to areas of life that offer positive trade-offs in meaningful areas of life. If our effort remains strictly theoretical, it lacks vitality and relevance.

c. Meaning. Action must be guided by principle and by sound thinking. This is why our efforts must remain intellectually sound and built on sound ideas.

d. Measure. Although the main component of activity is not based on quantitative measurements of direct services, it still must be measured as to offer a basis that goes beyond good intentions and anecdote. Piety must be accompanied by technique.

e. Replicability. They must be offered as a model that others can replicate and utilize for the benefit of the many.

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