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How Can You Help?

Ten ways for you to join us in the battle for the soul of our country:

1. Donate funds to us so that we can continue to develop our exciting programs. During this Christmas season make a check to Freedom & Virtue Institute. You can donate HERE.

2. Send our newsletter to your friends by clicking on the button provided in your copy of the newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter in the sidebar of this site.

3. Become a member of the Freedom & Virtue Institute. For only $20 a year you will become a member of our institute and will receive special updates, offers and information not available on our website. To become a member, click HERE.

4. Bring our Lecture Series to your community by clicking HERE.

5. Recommend our Basic Communities training to your agency. Freedom & Virtue offers training and workshops for non-profits and businesses to help employees understand better what is most important in serving their clients by adhering to the principles of Freedom & Virtue. You can click HERE for our Basic Communities Center where you can find more about our training.

6. Bring a presentation about the institute to your church, civic organization, or club by clicking HERE.

7. Write us or email us to request written information about our institute such as brochures or lectures so that you can pass them on to your friends.

Freedom & Virtue Institute
9990 Coconut Road, Suite 316
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

8. Link our website to your Twitter!

9. Talk to your pastor to bring one of our presentations to your church groups.

10. Spread the Word! Spread the Word!
Please Help!

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