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As we have been doing, here is the review of some movies to help you choose what to see.

Jennifer’s Body. Megan Fox is mysteriously transformed into a cannibalistic demon preying on her male schoolmates. The movie relishes gore and exploits adolescent sexuality. Much violence, strong sexual content, including graphic sexual, profanities, irreverence and much rough and crude language. Morally offensive. (R) 2009 Not Recommended.

Alice in Wonderland. A 3-D fantasy-adventure that mixes animation and action. Although younger viewers will be frightened by certain sequences, director Tim Burton refrains from indulging in the more macabre or avant-garde aspects of the tale; and yet, while it conveys a salubrious message with vaguely Christian echoes, the film’s aesthetic impact is lessened by the lack of a coherent visual style. (PG) Adolescents and Adults may see it.

Edge of Darkness. After his adult daughter (Bojana Novakovic) is brutally murdered, a Boston police detective (Mel Gibson) investigates her secretive work for a nuclear research firm (led by Danny Huston), aided by her fearful boyfriend and co-worker (Shawn Roberts) and by a shadowy fixer (Ray Winstone) whose loyalties are ambiguous. Complex moral issues, considerable and sometimes bloody violence, an implied premarital relationship, a few uses of profanity, much rough and some crude language. Limited adult audience, films whose problematic content many adults would find troubling.

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