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Donations & Support

Each donation is appreciated and is essential to our success at the institute. Your gift to The Freedom and Virtue Institute is tax deductible as permitted by law.


As a friend of Freedom & Virtue Institute, we are posting this end-of-year note to encourage you in your dedication to advance the living of liberty. We are asking you to invest in us as your resources will do the most good in joining Freedom & Virtue Institute in spreading that message of liberty. When you generously support us in any amount possible to you, the timing of the gift can make has an impact on your taxes. If you wish to make a tax deductible gift to Freedom & Virtue Institute in 2010, please take a moment to download and read As a friend of Freedom.

A PayPal account is not required. All major credit cards, as well as debit cards are accepted. Simply click the “Make a Donation” button below, and enter the amount you’d like to give, then click the underlined “Update” link and follow the directions for payment.

Secure Online Donations through PayPal



Or if you prefer you can mail us a check:

The Freedom & Virtue Institute
P.O. Box 1320
Fort Myers, FL 33902

Volunteer Opportunities

Your Opportunities to Help are Many with Freedom & Virtue Institute:

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of America’s ideal of the American Dream. By using our talents and God-given capacities we can re-shape the world and produce the wealth that in turn helps humanity in our quest for a better life. By the way, you do not help the poor by hurting the rich or by creating government programs, as Father Robert Sirico and Acton Media show us so well.

Our Education Center is developing an incredible program for young people at varied institutions of higher learning in South West Florida. The program combines service to poor communities in our area and beyond with a collaborative entrepreneurship initiative we call ANGEL.

Besides offering students the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial vocation, we offer them lectures on the Founding Principles of our country and the history of freedom. Here at Freedom & Virtue we are convinced that young people need to know the greatness of their country and at times they do not get that opportunity. Even better, you can bring our lecture series to your community! If you are interested in providing the opportunity to learn about the Founders, our Constitution, and about Freedom to your neighbors and friends, please let us know by contacting us HERE. If you want to help with a financial contribution for this program we will be most appreciative!

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