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Our Values & Principles

Our Values


Goal: To promote activities in the local community that present individuals as the primary initiators and implementers.
Goal: To study and educate the community on the virtues of free market capitalism over collectivist government intervention.


Goal: To teach in various settings the importance of values, character and faith in solving the problems of local communities.


Goal: To create programs and offerings that promote innovation and entrepreneurship among young people.
Goal: To teach and promote the value of individual freedom, self-initiative and limited government among various constituencies in SW Florida.


Goal: To promote America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and values among church members.
Goal: To energize people of faith to become active participants in their churches and community and transform institutional programs using the principles of the Institute.

Founding Principles

• Personalism and Individual Freedom

Individuals possess a dignity based on their capacity to know the truth and do the good. Such capacity exists as we have been made in God’s image. The choices we make are the primary determinants of the quality of our lives. There is a need to reject a victim mentality that fosters self-defeatism and denies personal responsibility in favor of collective entitlement and dependency.

• Limited Government

This principle asserts that society is comprised of various networks or natural mediating institutions (family, community, church, voluntary organizations, etc.) with natural functions and responsibilities. The higher or more complex ones (such as government) should not unnecessarily interfere with the most basic ones. Effective change occurs locally.

• Effective Compassion and Human Dignity

Our modern crisis is one of a bureaucratic and intrusive government. It is also a crisis of private charities acting upon what feels good instead of what is right. Charity is about intelligent giving and intelligent withholding. We need to promote personal responsibility, accountability, and religion. Compassion is to be measured by how we treat each other, not on how big are the budgets of government bureaucracies.

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